GCS Giants off to winning start!

We saw some spectacular tennis on display yesterday at the GCS Tennis Club for day 1 of the Gold Coast Tennis League. The GCS Giants started their campaign with a well fought out win against the GCA Gladiators. The Hinterland Hurricanes won a nail biter against the Palm Beach Panthers and Tennis Plus Dynamite were too strong for Beenleigh Blaze. Results are as follows.

GCS Giants vs GCA Gladiators
Leo Pijnacker & Carl Bozicevic 4:2 4:2 Nikola Crnokrak & Bryce Newell
Kaylene Tunny & Saki Ormes 2:4 3:4 Komaki Ido & Andjela Popovic
Lachlan Treacher 4:1 4:2 Nikola Crnokrak
Leo Pijnacker 4:2 4:0 Bryce Newell
Kaylene Tunny 4:1 1:4 3:4 Komaki Ido
Saki Ormes 2:4 4:2 2:4 Andjela Popovic
Lachlan Treacher & Kaylene Tunny 4:0 4:1 Nikola Crnokrak & Andjela Popovic
Carl Bozicevic & Saki Ormes 4:2 4:0 Bryce Newell & Komaki Ido

Palm Beach Panthers vs Hinterland Hurricanes
Ryan Kebblewhite & Juan Langton 2:4 1:4 Vini Giufre & Jono Dent
Lara Tupper & Amber Molloy 4:2 4:2 Ivana Maranov & Lily Clements-Markham
Ryan Kebblewhite 0:4 1:4 Vini Giufre
Juan Langton 4:2 2:4 4:2 Cole Smith
Annabelle Borges 2:4 4:0 4:2 Ivana Maranov
Lara Tupper 3:4 4:1 1:4 Lily Clements-Markham
Ryan Kebblewhite & Amber Molloy 3:4 0:4 Vini Giufre & Ivana Maranov
Juan Langton & Annabelle Borges 4:3 4:1 Jono Dent & Lily Clements-Markham

Beenleigh Blaze vs Tennis Plus Dynamite
Ryan Simmons & Josh Piunti 3:4 3:4 Mitchell Thams & Hugh Clarke
Alicia Smith & Chantel Jamieson 4:3 4:1 Sophie Letcher & Chloe Lowe
Ryan Simmons 3:4 3:4 Mitchell Thams
Karl Mosterd 2:4 1:4 Daniel Birak
Alicia Smith 4:2 4:1 Olivia Gadecki
Chantel Jamieson 4:2 2:4 2:4 Sophie Letcher
Ryan Simmons & Alicia Smith 0:4 4:2 3:4 Hugh Clarke & Sophie Letcher
Hayate Sakaguchi & Jess Pollack 1:4 1:4 Daniel Birak Olivia Gadecki

2 thoughts on “GCS Giants off to winning start!”

  1. Well done GCS Giants on a winning start as part of a great tennis competition for the high standard men and lady players on the Gold Coast and their team of supporters
    Congrats to Gold Coast Tennis Club for providing a first class venue as part of providing locals playing and viewing quality tennis
    All teams should be proud for the part they played with their outfits and the competition they provided
    A great start to this competition

  2. Thanks Roy, was a pleasure having you, and everyone else on the day. What great tennis we saw!!
    GO GIANTS! #fearthegiants #gctennisleague

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